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I am the daughter and sister of doctors and from a very young age I knew clearly what I wanted to do.

I studied Medicine at the University of Barcelona and at the end of my degree I was enthusiastic about my specialty.

I have spent my professional career in almost all disciplines of radiology and I especially enjoy those that allow me closer and direct contact with people.

I am currently Head of the Interventional Radiology Unit of the General University Hospital of Catalonia and the Mutua University Hospital of Terrassa and Coordinator of the Corporate Radiology Service of Juaneda Hospitals.

Teaching is a job that I love and I have worked as a professor at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of the International University of Catalonia, I have been responsible for the training of residents and fellows in Interventional Vascular Radiology at the HU Parc Taulí and I have been involved in doctoral programs at different universities.

I have the tremendous luck of sharing my professional values ​​with an exceptional coworker: Alejando Gómez Mesa. We share human values, work philosophy and prioritize patient well-being above all.

Interventional Radiology is constantly evolving.

It is a discipline that advances at great speed and requires permanent training and dedication. Staying up to date with innovations in our discipline and focusing on patient well-being are the basis of our work ethic and our daily commitment.

There are many areas in which interventional radiology can help you.

If you wish, contact us and we will study in depth how to help you in your particular case.

Firma Anna Alguersuari


Dr. Anna Alguersuari is a specialist in Radiology and subspecialized in Interventional vascular radiology.

She has focused her work on treatments such as embolization of uterine and prostate fibroids and oncological intervention.

She graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Barcelona in 2004 and specialized in Radiology in 2009 at the C.S.H.U Parc Taulí.

It is accredited by European Board of Interventional Radiology (EBIR) European recognition that certifies expertise and experience in the field of endovascular and percutaneous therapy.

She teaches numerous training courses at the national level, and is an associate member of the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe (CIRSE) and The Spanish Society of Vascular and Interventional Radiology (SERVEI).



  • Head of the Interventional Radiology Unit of the General University Hospital of Catalonia (News)

  •  Head of the Interventional Radiology Unit of the Mútua de Terrassa University Hospital.

  • Coordinator of the Radiology Unit in the Juaneda Assistance Network (2014-Present)

  • Medical specialist in Interventional Radiology at Health Diagnostics (2019-2022)

  • Medical specialist in Interventional Radiology at the UDIAT of Hospital Parc Taulí (2009-2022)


  • Graduate in Medicine from the University of Barcelona. (1998-2004)

  • Residency in radiodiagnosis at the Corporació Sanitària Hospital Universitari Parc Taulí. (2005-2009)

  • Accreditation as an interventional radiologist by the European Society of Interventional Vascular Radiology. (EBIR)

Collegiate Number. (Col·legi de Metges de Barcelona): 39689


Alejandro is a unique professional in his area as he has deep knowledge and skill in the management and application of all the technological devices of Interventional Vascular Radiology.

Alejandro is a native of Cádiz, Graduated in Nursing from the University of Seville with a special mention in Endovascular Therapies.

He has an outstanding care career as a scrub and circulating nurse in the Interventional Vascular Radiology and Interventional Neuroradiology service of the

Vall d'Hebron Hospital.

He has performed the functions of nurse specialist in medical devices in the company Penumbra, a world leader in the manufacture of thrombectomy and embolization devices. He carried out outstanding work as European leader in training on thrombectomy in PE with the Indigo device.

Likewise, he has directed national training for multidisciplinary care teams on various innovative treatments in Interventional Radiology.

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