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Doctora Anna Alguersuari especista en Miomas Uterinos

Interventional Radiology is a safe, non-surgical option for women who suffer from Pelvic Congestive Syndrome or problems associated with the presence of fibroids in the uterus."

Firma Anna Alguersuari



What is it?

Uterine fibroids, the most common benign tumors of the uterus, can be asymptomatic, but when they cause heavy and painful menstruation or other symptoms, such as urinary symptoms, they require treatment.




Fibroid Embolization is a procedure to reduce the size of fibroids.


What does the intervention consist of?

Fibroid embolization consists of reaching the fibroid by inserting a catheter into the patient's femoral or radial artery and moving to the uterine arteries. From there, the arteries that supply the fibroids are plugged or embolized with small particles, without affecting the healthy uterine vessels.

It is a very safe procedure, with a quick recovery and with few risks that requires a minimum hospital stay.


Uterine Myoma Embolization



What is it?

One third of all women will experience chronic pelvic pain in their lifetime. Pelvic Congestion Syndrome constitutes 10-15% of gynecological consultations.

It results in abdominal pain and distension, which worsens throughout the day.

It is typically diagnosed by detecting one or both dilated ovarian veins, unable to perform their function.


Ovarian vein embolization consists of catheterizing the damaged ovarian vein, accessing it from the patient's arm, and permanently plugging or embolizing it. It is a minimally invasive and outpatient procedure.

Endovascular embolization of pelvic varicose veins exceeds 80% improvement and remission of symptoms.

MR Angio of a Female Varicocele

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